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Join 715 makers who built 934 Sutro apps already

Back in the mid 90s, a revolution happened that opened up website creation to a huge new audience. Where once, learning HTML was a requirement for building any kind of page on that early Web, software tools like Dreamweaver and Microsoft FrontPage pioneered the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) approach and millions of people would take their first steps into web publishing and web design without needing to hand-code their pages.

App development — even for simple apps — is significantly more complex than publishing a website, and a similar revolution, opening up app development to the masses, has yet to arrive. Enter Sutro.

"We believe that a founder should focus on whatever is unique to their product - all else should be handled for them. Combining our expertise in AI, Domain Specific Langages, compilers, scalability and product design, we believe that all that work can be automated."


Not another no-code builder

“No-code” platforms function at a basic level. Even though coding isn’t necessary, a solid technical understanding is essential to assemble and connect components to create a functional service. This demands significant time and effort and it’s why marketplaces now exist where people will pay other people to build things even in a no-code context.

At Sutro, we decided to think bigger.

Start by outlining a clear and straightforward description of the product you want to make.
Sutro then applies it’s LLM-powered AI refined over years to automatically generate customizable and polished iOS, Android and Web clients for you. It also sets up your production backend.
Establish a design system for personalizing the visual style and adapt screens as needed, incorporating any distinctive UI or backend components specific to your product.
When you're ready, simply publish the app! You can then edit, maintain and operate the app with ease.

We are a team of engineers passionate about the future of software engineering and product infrastructure. Interested in working with us? Check out our open positions

Tomas Halgas
Founder & CEO
Ex. Twitter, Sphere, Meta
Dan Rumney
Ex. IBM, Vyne Medical
Ben Becker
Ex. Uber
Hirad Arshadi
Ex. Genie, Piqo Design
Simon Balmain
Community Manager
Ex. Twitter, Sphere, Monzo
Max Gfeller
Ex. Weytec, cyon
Puneet Thiara
GTM Lead
Peach, Ex. Morgan Stanley
Owen Campbell-Moore
Technical Advisor
OpenAI, Ex. Google, Meta

We're lucky to be backed by some of the most experienced investors & operators.

Eniac Ventures
Backers of Airbnb
Peter Welinder
VP of Product & Partnerships at OpenAI
...and 13 more

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Join 715 makers who built 934 Sutro apps already